Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Los Angeles: Day 1

It just occurred to me that I never really told you about my trip. So I shall take a makeup break and blog about it, or at least what I can remember from it. I shall use my pictures to try and figure out my days. Maybe I will do 1 day per post since it seems like these posts will be long.

Day 1 - Flight
This started out horrible because (1) I had to wakeup at 4:30 in order to get to the airport by 5:30. The flight was supposed to be 6:45 am but because of some technical difficulties in New York, however it ended up coming at 8:30!!! Then we had a connecting flight from New York to L.A. and because of the first flight delay, we missed the connection. We went to get another ticket and were booked for the 1:45 one (it was like 12:00 when we got it). My mom and I ate some lunch then went to the gate at 1:00. We waited there for a while and by 1:20 we were like "Why didn't we board yet?" so we waited until someone came to the gate and they finally did at 1:45..turns out, the flight left without us!!!! Ugh they did not even make any proper calls or announcement so yeah we missed our second connecting flight. The next one was scheduled for 3:45 however the dickwad wouldn't put us on standby until literally 5 minutes before the flight. And that was only because my mom asked again after the last call. Thankfully we got onto that flight, however the crew was rearranging people on the plane and somehow someone ended up in my aisle seat!! I ended up being stuck with middle seat (the worst) but I'm pretty sure that I would have had my aisle seat if I got on the plane 5 minutes earlier because the person was just sitting down when I got there.To make it worse, the flight turned out to be almost 6 hours instead of the 4 my told me and since U.S. Airways is so cheap, they only made one drink run and did not offer snacks. By the time I got to L.A. it was about 8 p.m. their time but 11 p.m. EST. After finally arriving 4 hours behind schedule, we took the shuttle bus to union station and then a cab to our hotel. We stayed at Miyako Hotel like I did all those years ago so I was in Little Tokyo again :) We quickly went to go get some dinner in the village and I go my favourite, udon (with mochi which tasted interesting but still don't like the chewiness) and my mom got some mixed seafood rice that had sea urchin. After eating, it is where I discovered lette and the awesome macaroons!! I got: violet, rose, pistachio, passion fruit, raspberry chocolate and earl grey. Violet was my favourite! According to the website, it is filled with fig jam, yum! Lastly, we just walked around the little shops that were filled with pastries and asian cosmetics. Also went to the grocery store to buy water and I don't remember the brand, but unlike Canada, the U.S. seems to promote Fiji water and this other volcano water I tried. My mom liked it, but I didn't really notice a difference, Fiji is still the best to me :P To summarize, the first 16+ hours of the day were horrible but the night was better.

 P.S. I'm in music class and my professor just said another German word almost fluently. I suspect she is either bilingual or just rehearses a lot.


  1. Wow the flight sounds so hectic -_-
    Omg, I LOVE FIGS! I need to scour this place for some fig macarons

  2. I was wrong, it was black current jam :/ But during my co-op term, if I manage to find almond flour, I will definetly try to make you fig macarons!!


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