Thursday, April 11, 2013

Los Angeles, Day 4

Before I start, here is what I'm listening to while blogging courtesy of mishy:

This was the day I was waiting for...Seoul Sausage day :D YAY. Ok so as you know, I first heard of them from watching The Great Food Truck Race. Throughout the entire race, they were consistently on top and seemed to be famous for their 'Kimchi balls' so of course I had to try them! Sad thing is, even though I knew I was going to L.A., I didn't realize they would be there until a week before, woops. I was with my friend at this European bakery place called Vincenzo's and I saw rice balls. They looked so good but then it hit me...Seoul Sausage is in L.A.!! This thought encouraged me to defer rice ball consumption until reading week :P

I forgot to mention in Day 3 but we checked into another hotel in the financial district of L.A. called Westin. It is supposedly a business hotel so it was very nice! My mom got a deal on some last minute travel escaping me, so this ended up being cheaper than Miyako. The room itself was pretty small for a business hotel but it had a nice large desk facing the window for people to do their work. Also forgot to mention that before leaving Little Tokyo, we went lette to get more macarons! hehe this time it was: two violets, salted caramel, pistachio, passion fruit, and rose. So in terms of this area, unlike Toronto's financial district, there weren't as many food places and shops to go to :(

Alright now onto the day.. my mom had business to do yet again so I wandered around the hotel and bought myself an 'American breakfast'. We took the bus to Seoul Sausage in the afternoon so that we could catch lunch there and mm it was SO GOOD. We tried the Flaming Ball, Lil' Osaka Ball, and Galbi Sausage. The Flaming Ball was the kimchi ball which is what I remember many people liked in the food truck race, and it was amazing! I never had a rice ball before but it's basically rice rolled in a ball, coated with something, and then deep fried. This one was filled with kimchi and other awesomeness while the Lil' Osaka Ball was more of a curry one that had a bit of beef. The both came with dipping sauces as well, which was probably just different flavours of mayo, but still delicious. The Galbi Sausage was a Korean hot dog and according to their sign it has: kimchi relish and garlic Japanese aioli. It was also awesome as expected! hehe. It was made with pork I think but I set aside my hartred of that just so I could try it. After we finished it, I decided to get another Flaming ball LOL. The girl that took the order was nice enough that when I asked for stickers, she gave me three :D These are the stickers below and they use them to seal the wrapping on the sausages. While I was waiting for my food, she went outside to clean the table and ended up talking to my mom. She found out we was from Canada but that was kind of awkward because she knew I watched the show and one of the guys from the show was from there, but I did not talk to them because I didn't know their name :P I still don't know it actually, because I was just a fan of the food. So in terms of the 'restaurant' design, it's very small and just has a bit of standing area since it seems to mostly do take-out. There was nice artwork on the walls and the washroom had framed pages this article on the Seoul Sausage boys from this Korean magazine. They also sold this thing called 'boxed water' which was just water in a milk carton, but it was a unique idea. This is not my picture but pretty much sums up the experience.

The next stop was Santa Monica Pier! Unlike when I was there years ago, it was actually pretty cold and windy since this was technically winter for them too. This made it a lot emptier but it was still nice to just walk around and take some pictures of the scenery! I really wanted to go on the ferris wheel this time but it costs $5 per person and combined with the wind, it didn't look too appealing. Next time for sure I will try to go! Something else I want to go to next time is the Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory. It is a seafood restaurant combined with a souvenir shop that sold things that referenced the movie Forrest Gump. Since we had just had Seoul Sausage, it wasn't quite dinner time so no Bubba Gump for me :( After walking around for an hour or so, I bought this little set of turtle salt and pepper shakers that said 'Santa Monica' on them.

The last part of the day was devoted to shopping yet again! Nearby the Pier was the 3rd Street Promenade! It was yet another awesome outdoor mall but this was actually on streets instead of just some area. It was another chance for me to browse the many stores that we do not have but again, I did not buy any clothes. It was really nice too look at everything though and was a good way to test my self-control. We just walked around the shops until it started to get dark and since we lived quite far away. There had been a plan to go to Hollywood that day too but good thing we didn't because there ended up being so much traffic that it took more than an hour to get home! It was definitely worth it though since I finally got to go to my beloved Seoul Sausage :D

Two more things I forgot to mention, I ended up finding that red bag at the wholesale place! But this was actual handbag size instead of the other one that was messenger style. It was also cream coloured instead of white, but it was only $15!! Initially I didn't want it that day but my mom went back to the area today so I got her to get it! And one of these past days I went back to Shiloh and got the turquoise bag. Sigh I don't think it was worth $40 but I can't always use my mom's bags for work. Day 5 coming soon! 

P.S. Omg Seoul Sausage boys met Bobby Flay! Love him!

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