Saturday, April 13, 2013

Los Angeles, Day 5

This day started off kind of weird because I woke up with this numbing back pain :S It felt like really horrible cramps but I knew they weren't. This kinda ruined my day but the plan was to go to Hollywood today so I just had to suck it up for the day. It was finally warmer today since the sun decided to grace us with its presence, but too bad this only happened on my last day in L.A.! We ate some sort of breakfast in the morning before checking out then headed to Hollywood via subway. While looking at the map, I noticed that 'Hollywood & Vine' came before the 'Hollywood & Highland' stop so I figured we could get off there and then walk along the Walk of Fame until we got to North Hollywood :) This ended up being a bad idea because my back was paining me so much that I barely wanted to walk, ugh. So we hopped back onto the subway since we had a pass, but at least we got to see the pretty subway station designs! The Hollywood & Vine station was designed with a lot of movie type decorations such as giant film canisters, a large old-fashioned recording sign, and the black boards. 

The North Hollywood stop was only 2 stops away and again I had already been here before so it was just some casual strolling again. We went around yet another outdoor mall thing (seriously why is Heartland the closest thing we have to this?). There wasn't really any special stores so I just went to Sephora to get some samples :D Something that was cool though was that they were preparing for the Oscars!!!!!! They had the red carpet all over and even part of the stage set up! Technically I got to walk on the red carpet :D It just happened to be covered with protective plastic..but you could still see the red through the plastic, and some parts partly uncovered. Since there wasn't much shopping to do, we grabbed some lunch and again I got Mexican food yummm! Sadly by this time, my back was killing me so much that I seriously needed some sort of pain medicatio. Since the Oscars was kind of blocking the street making it difficult to cross, we walked along Hollywood toward CVS Pharmacy. Unlike at Vine, there were a lot of stars from our time along this part of the Walk of Fame! My favourite of course was Johnny Depp so I took another picture even though I suspect I took one years before haha. This part of the Walk was also more fun since there were a lot of those costumed people that you pay to take pictures with :) Among them, there was like 3 Jack Sparrows, 1 Willy Wonka (Tim Burton version), multiple Catwomens, 2 Spidermans, and a bunch more that I forgot. Many of them looked pretty impressive but I wasn't sure how much they charged, so there's another thing I might save for next time!

We also passed by Grauman's Chinese Theatre which is where they hold a lot of movie premiers and also the place where all the stars put their hands and feet in the cement. When it's not being used for premieres, apparently it's just a regular movie cinema. This was an extreme touristy area but since it wasn't super warm, there weren't too many people there. There are usually so many people that you can barely take a picture of celebrity prints without getting someone else's body part in the picture :P After walking around and seeing the new prints (one of which was Twilight, ugh) I got enticed by these people in purple shirts advertising that their entire store was $5! It was just usual tourist items but at $5, it was probably the cheapest you could find at Hollywood. I initially wanted a shirt but no nice ones were left in my size so I got this really nice red Pashmina scarf for just $5! I think it was even the last one so good thing I went in there before we got to CVS :) Finally after those several hours of pain, I got to my beloved CVS and got some of those medicinal pain patches lol. I don't remember the brand but it was the one in a green box with some blue on it. Of course I had to put them on right away and it kind of made the pain better but it didn't entirely help. Since I was in so much pain, we decided to walk for a bit more and then go back to the hotel.

We were heading to San Diego this day and had planned on taking a 4:30 train or something but when we got to Union Station, my mom found out that there was a train leaving in 15 minutes so good thing we went early, or we would have had to wait an extra hour. The track we took was the one considered to be the 'scenic route' but it just looked like regular nature to me. This train ride was about 4 hours I think so we managed to get to San Diego around 7:30 due to time difference. We took a cab to a hostel and discovered that the area we were living in was the sort of bars/night club area! The hostel was even in the middle of this street with a door sandwiched into two other restaurants. Inside, it looked like it was in decent shape and was very colourful, which is why my mom picked it. The best part is that when I walked into the room, I said 'This is an Ikea room!' because everything, even the bedsheets, were from Ikea, our favourite place! Although the room didn't have a smell, the sheets did so that was pretty gross :S Anyway, after dropping off our stuff, we went to get some dinner and discovered that this area was probably the area with all the expensive restaurants. They weren't even that fancy, and most of them had menu items that were $25 - $60 -______- It took us a few minutes but we finally found a place that was a little cheaper but they said it would be a 20 minute wait (even though there were empty tables) so we just kept walking and ended up finding this nice (still expensive) Thai place :) My mom got the pad thai while I got some form of fried noodles. It was so really filled with vegetables but the taste was only okay. It was a nice short walk back to the hostel after dinner so it wasn't long before I got to rest in the bed and rest my poor back :P Too bad it had to be in on some really smelly sheets.

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