Thursday, April 25, 2013

Palladio Rice Paper and Powder review

Today's review is all about stuff that helps control oil on your face. These two items are: Palladio Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Sheets in Translucent and Palladio Natural Rice Powder in Translucent. Palladio products can be bought at Sally's Beauty Supply stores, online, and other random stores but it seems to be the cheapest at Sally's.

The Palladio Rice Paper costs $5.99 or $5.29 with the Beauty Club card. The club card costs $5 but you get a $5 credit to use for the next month, so it is potentially a free membership (if you go back in time).

The Palladio Rice Paper is like a thinner version of writing paper with one side covered in powder and another side that is plain. I got translucent but it is also available in Natural and Warm Beige. The description says you can use the non-powder side to blot but I really don't see it making a difference so I always use the powder side. It does well in blotting but the powder tends to come off as flakey. The flakiness could probably be brushed away with a powder brush or some tissue. It takes away makeup a bit so I need to retouch my foundation after using it.  Not my favourite for blotting, so I think I will just stick with blotting films.

The Palladio Rice Powder is also oil-absorbing but in the form of blot powder and can also be used as a finishing powder. It is available in the same shades as the paper but I got translucent again. It retails for about $6.99 or $6.39 with the club card. It is okay in terms of oil-absorbing (I doubt anything will ever keep my face completely matte) but great as a finishing powder! Definitely helps set my foundation and keep it from fading. The smell is a bit like baby powder though, which is a slight turnoff but that is probably the "fragrance" in it. It also comes with this little styrofoam like "puff" for application but it seems more like a blocker to stop the powder spilling out while you travel. The packaging is a plastic box that comes with a slide off lids, so it is not entirely secure. I discovered though that it fits perfectly into my MAC Studio Fix compact box and is easy to remove from the box, so I will be using that whenever I need to transport my powder! I have yet to try expensive setting powders but I'm pretty sure I will be sticking with the Palladio one for a while :)

P.S. In case anyone is concerned, their products are not tested on animals! :D



    1. I have nothing better to do :P It doesn't really take that long. I can stop if you want lol.

  2. Can we buy that in Singapore?

  3. They are available at John Little @ Plaza Singapura.


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