Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Los Angeles: Day 2

This day started off a lot better. I was woken up at 7 AM by my mom getting ready but it was still good. My mom started off her day by going somewhere for business purposes but I stayed in bed for another hour or so playing around on my beloved iPod. I went downstairs to get the 'continental breakfast' since it was complimentary but wow it sucked. This 'breakfast' consisted of 2 croissants with butter, orange juice or apple juice, a yogurt cup, and tea or coffee. I know it was free for me but they sell it to others for $5.99 and I would never pay that much for such a bad breakfast.. I did not like the lack of options for substitutions because some people like me are lactose intolerant (I suspected other guests were too since a lot were Japanese) so we cannot eat yogurt and then I also could not substitute the tea or coffee so I just drank the tea with an abundance of sugar added.

After that fail of a breakfast, I looked up some place that were within walking distance and decided to go to Weller Court Shopping Mall and Little Tokyo Mall. My journey started off with me trying to go to Weller Court reading my map wrong and going in the complete opposite direction, but that ended up being closer to Little Tokyo Mall so that worked out a bit haha. Of course it was still around 10 AM by the time I got there so many things were not open. I bummed around until around 11 and then debated between getting Cherry on Top froyo, Beard Papa, or green apple gelato. In the end I decided on Beard Papa but got the froyo like 20 minutes later lol. I like that they had a seperator so that your flavours did not mix and you were able to tell the difference between them :P I think I got watermelon, mango, and something else fruity. It was delicious and of course for toppings, i loaded it with boba! After my awesome sugary snacks, I went to the sort of cheap Japanese store that you can find in Chinatown that basically have everything. I ended up buying 2 sets of Korean spoons and chopsticks (1 for me, 1 for my friend) and they were actually from Korea and only cost $2.99! The utensils are just like the ones you find in Korean restaurants, i.e. chopsticks are somewhat flat and the spoon handle is long. My friend's set had clovers and said Lucky on them while mine had turtles!

I had enough time that I wandered over to Wellers Court. It is mainly filled with restaurants but had one store that sold cheap tshirts ($5.99) and other novelties. Then there was a grocery store that was basically half makeup/clothes and half food. I did not buy anything there but it was really nice to look at all the different Japanese food. It was like a blast from my trip to Japan 2 summers ago! It was also nice to just walk around the area too and I walked by some ramen place that had chairs that looked like ones from that you would find in a palace, soo cool. I headed back to Japanese Village Plaza (where I live). We had planned on eating at this ramen place that always has a line (at least 30 mins wait) and I was smart about it so I signed my name before going back to the hotel :) My mom came back 30 minutes later but we had just missed the call, however they still let us in since there were two seats at the bar. My mom said she liked it, but I'm not too into ramens or their soup bases so it was just okay to me.

After that late lunch, I believe we headed to the farmer's market to walk around. On the way there, I went into this nice little boutique called 'Shiloh' which I know now contains overpriced wholesale goods. I bought a wallet there for $12 which seems okay, however I saw the same thing in San Diego for only $10! and there's 1% less tax! Ugh so angered. This store also had this really nice red and white bag (sort of like colour blocking) and this turquoise bag, both were $40 each and I wanted them, but I decided to wait a bit to think it over. Also on the way to the market, we passed by this museum area and we saw this entire line of food trucks! There were at least 10 which included German food, sea food, fish tacos, and Mexican food. Totally would have eaten there if I had not just ate lunch :( There were also a bunch of gas lamps so I took pictures with those lol There was a lot of food at the farmer's market! My mom bought a "world's best coffee" which ended up not being so good and some dried fruits (including figs your favourite!) but I just saved my stomach for some dinner. This was one of those permanent farmer's markets so there were a bunch of food shops in it too. It all looked so good! and of course Canada didn't have any since we don't have high demand, sigh. After walking around for a few hours, we just went back to the hotel and wandered around Little Tokyo a bit more. I forgot what we ate, but it was probably something very asian lol. Now to remind myself, Day 3 was bag shopping and going to this plaza.

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