Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Los Angeles, Day 3

We started off this day fairly early as well with another "continental breakfast" ugh. After my strong desire to buy those two bags from yesterday, my mom decided to take me to the area where she looks at suppliers because there were a lot of wholesale places there. But first we had to go to the post office to deliver some package which turned out to be a complete fail since the supplier did not give any forms, so we had to repack and send it as a personal package instead :S The post office was kind of far from Little Tokyo but it was near our second hotel so she just checked in early and dropped it off. I got to walk around Walgreens and CVS while I waited and then we headed to the wholesale area. It was around noon so we got some Mexican food to eat first omnom. They had this sampler deal so I got a "naked borrito" and gumbo, delicious. When we got to the stores, first we walked around the children's clothes places first and there I found a place that was called "Kiddy" and had the letters in the same colour order as my parents' 'Kiddy Kidswear' sign did! LOL I told my mom that we could probably sue for defamation but we're not really sure who was the older company so she was just like "eh" and thought I was weird as usual.
After an hour or so of looking at children's clothing, it was time for the bags! That area seriously had so many stores that I lost track of how many I went into. Of course, I was on a hunt for those two bags or at least imitations of them because unlike Shiloh's price of $40, they would have been $10 - $40 for most of the bags at the wholesale stores. As my Accounting prof would say "That is a gooood deal." *in brown accent* This somehow bag hunt somehow lasted for about 3 hours and those 3 hours made me realize that a lot of people in the U.S. seem to like "blinged" bags. It wasn't for me so I ended up finding a random Asian place and got that mint green clutch. It was $26 after we bargained and my mom got this colourful flowery side bag (hard to describe) from there. Before leaving the area, we got a Tornado Potato lol! So good.

The next part of the day was more shopping! Yay. We went to The Grove and this was more of a commercial shopping area so a lot of chain retailers were there. This included Nordstrom, J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Barney's, to name a few. There was also a candy store and of course, I had to go there! I ended up getting some of the candy from the bins and also a Nerds Rope since it was one of the Valentine's sales candy. As for clothes, I did not get any since but I did get to go into MAC and see get my first glimpse of the MAC Archie's Girls collection!! They were all soo cool, but everything was sold out at the store :( But I ended up getting it all at Nordstrom so it all worked out haha. MAC shall be my next makeup review so I will go into more detail there. Another noteable stop was that they had a fresh store! Of course we don't have any so I had to go in and try stuff. I tried the Fresh Sugar Body Polish I believe and wow it made my hands so soft after! It's definetely not worth the $49 though because it's essentially a shit ton of oil and sugar, probably a few butters too.

The Grove area itself was actually really nice too and I liked that it was all outdoors. I'm not sure if Canada has a lot of these outdoor malls, but I like the concept! It makes it feel more relaxed and open. The only downside of the place was that the trolley was out of service :( They usually have a trolley that just goes along the pathway of stores but for some reason it wasn't working. We left sometime after I bought my Archie's and went back to do some last minute shopping in Little Tokyo since we were going to change hotels. My mom was still full (maybe we ate more than Mexican food, I forget) so I just got some takeout meal to eat. Day 4 is next and it was when we went to Seoul Sausage and the Santa Monica Pier :D


  1. Please bring me along next time you go to the US!!! I'll hide in your luggage ;)

    1. We can go to Buffalo one day/weekend with Nouga!


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