Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello Kitty Apple Cheeks and Charmmy Eyeshadow stick review + swatch

Today I will be reviewing Hello Kitty makeup products: Apple Cheeks in Peachy and Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick in Birthday Cake.

First up is Apple Cheeks which is a cream blush in a roll up stick format. I got this for $9 on Boxing Day however I think it was old since it had some weird white buildup on the stick o_O I just scraped it off and it looked good as new...This is one of the blushes I don't use often and that's because it does not have good staying power at all. No matter what I use (i.e. fixing spray, primer), it is never on my face at the end of the night. I'm not sure how many hours it typically lasts, but I'm sure it's at least 2 - 3. The peachy shade is a good match for me though, and it is very creamy which makes it very easy to blend. For me, it works best when I just put the stick on my face (so what if it's not hygienic?) and this seems like the fasted way to apply it. I'm sure there is a way to use a brush but I'm fine with blending with my fingers. The good thing about it is this is that since it's a stick, it's really easy to touch-up with it without having the mess of brushes or powder. This product is either discontinued or just never in stock anymore but even if it was still being sold, I would not buy another.

Second is the Charmmy Eyeshadow Stick. The shade Birthday Cake was on sale for $7 and I just checked the Sephora site though and all but 1 of the shades are now $7 so get them while they last :P This is another creamy stick so yet again, very easy to apply! It's a nice bronze colour in a metallic shade with a bit of shimmer. It goes on your lid a lot lighter than it is in the stick so it makes a good neutral colour, but is also a good base. The wear is an hour or so longer than Apple Cheeks so it also does not last all day. Since it was cheaper than apple cheeks and I don't have any similar looking eyeshadows, I think I would buy this again. It doesn't seem like they sell Birthday Suit anymore but there are a few other bronze shades that I would consider buying.

Here is a swatch of the eyeshadow and blush.


  1. I wish I could use creamy eyeshadows but unfortunately my eyelids will turn into an oil slick.

  2. All blush ends up fading on my face...and I don't even touch my face that much during the day!

  3. This is why you use primers and setting sprays! :P

  4. I use eyeshadow primers...I have a pretty good one, might write a review on that.

    Setting sprays are essentially a misted shellac material...kind of like hairspray. Don't really want to use that on my face.

    1. Yes do a review! Nah they feel okay for me, plus they work. I'm sure people have put worse on their face...


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