Tuesday, May 6, 2014

MAC Cosmetics Powder Blush Harmony Blush review + swatch

Helloooo! Today's review is for the MAC Harmony Blush which is part of their powder blushes. It is described as a "muted rose-beige brown" and it is a matte blush. I bought this because YouTube beauty guru Tanya Burr described this as a great contour colour so I decided to try it.

I have light-medium skin tone (around NC25) so I find that this blush has too much pink tone in it to be good for contouring. In my opinion, this does not have enough brown in it to be a good contour powder. Instead of for contouring, I often use it as regular blush on the apples of my cheeks and I think that this way provides a slimming effect for me.

It is $25 for 6g so on the pricey side but as with other MAC products, it is a good product. It has great pigmentation and lasts for a few hours. Since it is so pigmented though, it is easy to overdo it with this blush. I also think it is more of a winter colour since it is so dark. This product didn't really work out the way I wanted but I've been reading reviews saying that Blunt is a good contour shade, so I might try that next!

Swatch without flash

Wish flash

Happy Tuesday!

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