Saturday, April 26, 2014

Julep Maven Bombshell Welcome Box Review

I finally gave in and decided to join the Julep Maven subscription bandwagon! They have a code for your first box free (code: FREEBOX) so that also tempted me. For those of you interested, you first take the quiz to find out what your style profile is and if you don't like it, you can choose to change it. I got Classic with a Twist but I preferred Bombshell so that was the box I got :) You can take the quiz using my referral link.

This welcome box comes with 2 nail polishes (Kendra and Zelda) and the Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum. For some reason, my box came with the colour Jane instead of Zelda so I emailed Julep about it. My box also came with a 50% off welcome code and some free buffer blocks.

Before signing up for Julep Maven, I received an email saying that I could get choose from a selection to get 2 free polishes with the code FREEGIFT. I chose Lizanne and Harriet and then got Myriam for the $4.99 add-on. Since I wasn't a Maven yet, I had to pay for shipping and the add-on but this entire order ended up being just $14.99! This ended up being in U.S. dollars so with the exchange rate, I was charged $16.87.

Harriet - Guava coral crème
Lizanne - Sea green shimmer
Kendra - Army green frost
Jane - Full-coverage rose gold multi-dimensional glitter
Myriam - Casino red crème

Left to right: Harriet, Lizanne, Kendra, Jane, Myriam

I swatched Harriet, Lizanne, and Kendra but not the other 2 because I think I will be either giving them away or trying to sell them. The formula is really nice and requires 2 coats to be opaque but it is not as 'fast drying' as it claims.

I really like the concept of the 'Swatch Me!' sticker at the top! These polishes have an overcap so that's where the sticker is. My only issue with these Julep polishes are that the packaging seems very excessive. Each polish comes in a cardboard box and then these boxes also come in a sleeve. I understand that this probably helps with shipping, but I think they should just use the sleeves and skip the individual boxes.

Besides the mix-up with the Jane and Zelda polishes, I like the ones I got. Another good thing about this box is that you can see what you can see what's in each box before hand and change which box you will be getting. Mavens also get 20% off at and free shipping :) If you would like to join, feel free to use my referral link to take the style profile quiz!


  1. Brilliant post - as usual! Bloggers like you deserve high praise!
    You do a great job! Thank you that I had the opportunity to meet you,
    the work you do is very important to me. Talk to you soon honey!

    Katherine Unique

  2. Lizanne is really pretty! I tried Julep once and wasn't a fan, but they do have some pretty colours.

    1. yeah i'll admit that their formula is a bit too runny but the colours are awesome!

  3. Julep doesn't interest me (I knocked over the bottles All.The.Time. haha!) but I'm so happy for you that you like the ones you've chosen! :)

    1. I know what you mean! I'm always super careful when using Julep polishes. I think the colours are worth it though :P

  4. Gorgeous polish! I personally am not a fan of Julep but the colors are gorgeous and the little "swatch me" stickers are ingenius!! Lizanne definitely catches my eye though, that bottle shot is gorgeous!!

    1. Yeah the colours are amazing but the formula is so-so :(


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