Friday, December 27, 2013

Skindinävia No More Shine Makeup Finish review

Setting/finishing sprays were another thing that I was exploring last Fall and after looking at multiple reviews, I decided to try Skindinävia! My friend's sister and I decided to split The Kit which is a set of their two best sellers - No More Shine Makeup Finishing Spray and Original Makeup Finishing Spray. We decided to get the 8 oz. bottles because it only cost $10 more than the 4 oz. kit! They were also having FREE Shipping & FREE Travel-Size Makeup Finishing Spray for international orders over $40 so it seemed like a really good deal. (This seems like an everyday deal though because it's always on the website, but with a different "now through" date) I wanted to keep the travel size so that I could try both sprays so me and my friend decided to split it according to volume. In the end, one 8 oz. bottle ends up being $27 total! Really awesome deal considering the 4 oz. sells for $29 by itself.

No More Shine Makeup Finish "controls shine and absorbs oil over face and t-zone while preventing makeup slippage. Formulated for oily skin types. For best results: Apply before and after makeup. Spray 2-4 times in an "X" and "T" formation."

I have been using this spray on a regular basis for about 7 months now and it really does seem to help makeup last a lot longer! At first, I would spray it on top after finishing makeup application but now I spray it on before. This seems to work just as well but I find that I actually do get the best results when sprayed before and after application (good thing we chose 8 oz.).

Another plus is that when sprayed after makeup, it helps take away any cakiness! In terms of oil control, I don't think this one really helps at all as I still need to blot after 4-5 hours (which is usual). The only major problem with this is that the nozzle makes spraying it a bit difficult. It's just regular spray bottle but for some reason, it just doesn't come out very well. You cannot cover your entire face with one spray so you are required to make multiple sprays (but 1-2 spritzs is sometimes sufficient). They should change that nozzle with the one they put on the travel size because that one works really well and one spritz can cover your full face. Despite the faulty nozzle, it doesn't really waste much product and even with daily use, there is still half the bottle left.

I have used the Original spray a few times and it performs just as well as the No More Shine. They also have a Bridal Makeup Finish and I think I want to try that next. Hey, not only brides need perfect makeup ;)

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