Saturday, November 30, 2013

Urban Decay 24/7 Vintage Glide-On Eye Pencil review + swatch

Hey there! It seems that I'm in my procrastination mood again and blogging instead of studying (final in a week). Today I have decided to review everyone's beloved Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil. They were on sale for $7.50 so I had included 2 pencils in my friend's online Sephora order so she could make the shipping threshold but then since my birthday was coming up, she just gave them to me as a gift!

The eyeliners that I got were actually the 'vintage' ones so I guess these were the colours they chose to discontinue before they changed their formula? I'm not entirely sure but anyway, the colours that I got were 1999 and Gunmetal. Although the formula probably changed, I believe that these two pencils have the same packaging as the current 24/7 pencils. They are the same size as a regular eyeliner pencil and have a nice silver plastic cover.

1999 is a really nice eggplant colour with a bit of a sparkle. They have a creamy consistency and really do glide on easily (similar to MAC's Pearlglide eyeliner). They are fairly pigmented and do seem to last really long (most of the day) but are not immune to the usual pencil smudging that most  eyeliner pencils suffer. Gunmetal is quite similar to the eyeshadow colour they sell which is described as a "dark metallic grey with silver micro-glitter". It has the same type of application and staying power as 1999 but the problem with this colour is that there is fall out from the glitter :( A friend pointed out that I should try an eyeliner primer so next time I use it, I'll try that and see if there is still fall out.

With flash (1999 on the left, Gunmetal on the right)  

All in all, these seem like great eyeliners and are great for anyone that wants a more bold eyeliner look since they come in multiple different colours. I was disappointed with Gunmetal, but I have no problems with 1999. They sell for $23 at Sephora so they are pricey but they also come in eyeliner value sets and are sometimes packaged with Urban Decay's palettes.

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