Saturday, November 23, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Review + Swatches

Hello readers! (Does anyone actually read this blog? If so, please leave a comment!). I have finally decided to make a review for the famous Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows :) These eyeshadows are very creamy and have a similar consistency Benefit's Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow, but at a fraction of the price! I bought these a while ago but I believe that they were $5.99 on sale and and $6.95 regular price at Wal-Mart.

They all seem to be very pigmented and have a long wear time. They go on very smoothly and do not become "scaley" looking when you apply more than one coat. This was a problem with the Benefit cream shadow so it's great to know that not all cream shadows have that problem. Another great thing about these shadows is that they do not dry out easily! I remember reading stories about how cream based products dry out in a few months but I've had these for almost a year and they are still in great condition. They are also very great for eyeliner and seem to last the whole day :) (Well at least 8 hours or so). In my opinion, they seem decently priced and are great for those that cannot afford high-end shadows/already enjoy cream products. If you are hesitant, maybe wait until they're on sale or if you have a coupon :P

There are four colours I have and have swatched are: 75 Electric Blue, 30 Pomegranate Punk, 55 Inked in Pink, and 45 Bold Gold. They all have flecks of sparkle but are still quite metallic-y and since they have sparkle instead of glitter, there is no fallout.

From left to right: Pomegranate Punk, Inked in Pink, Bold Gold, Electric Blue

Electric Blue is very blue and sapphire like. I have yet to find an occasion to wear something that bold so I mainly use it as eyeliner. It is part of the Metal collection of Color Tattoos.

Bold Gold is a very yellow gold and definitely a bold choice for anyone that wants. Despite it being so gold, it isn't too much for day wear and can be used for somewhat of a neutral eye? (Please ignore the eyeliner swatch below it)

Inked in Pink is yet another shacodow from the metal collection and is a pale pink. This one would also be okay for day wear if blended properly but would also look pretty for special occasions!

Lastly, Pomegranate Punk! It is a very dark mix of pink and plum but I find it blends well with Inked in Pink. Like Electric Blue, I mostly use this for eyeliner to add a bit of colour to my eyes :)

There are several different shades of Color Tattoos and I would love to try them all! However, I have too many eyeshadows (and just got the Naked Palette!) but if I ever ran out/one of them dried out, I will probably try a new colour :)

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