Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ice Cream Around the World

This post was conceived out of procrastination at its finest.

So back in Singapore, I became notorious amongst my colleagues for liking 3 things: coconut, fruits and ice cream.  Luckily, there was one of them (who is now a very good friend) who shared the same sentiments. We became known as the 2 insane bimbo girls in the lab who giggled at everything and for the most stupid reasons.  I was working beside her one day when all of a sudden an ingenious idea popped into my mind. "Since I travel so often and eat such copious amounts of ice cream, why don't I start a blog about me eating ice cream around the world?" "YAH, great idea!" And so this became something I promised the friends I made in the lab (since the end of July 2012).  Despite being almost unforgivably late, this is the official start of my Ice Cream Around the World series!

(This was supposed to be our logo. So creative huh?)

My first post will be on this bizarre ice cream treat that you can find really nowhere else in the world other than Singapore.  It is the notorious ice cream sandwich. No, not the wax-paper clad block of vanilla pressed between two soggy chocolate biscuits. This is a real sandwich - a brick of cheap run-of-the-mill ice cream in your regular flavors like vanilla/choco as well as more exotic Asian varieties such as taro (yum), coconut (YUM) and durian (DOUBLE YUM), lovingly wrapped in a thick, pillowy slice of bread.

Now the bread is really what makes this sandwich so amazing. This psychadelic rainbow swirled bread is sweet and fragranced with pandan/coconut essence typical to many South East Asian desserts.  The texture is fluffy like Wonder bread.  The soft bread with the brick of rich, unctuous ice cream is a heavenly combination of contrasting textures and temperatures.

You can buy these from push carts on the street for like $1 to $2.

The brand of the ice cream is usually Wall's (aka Good Humor aka Breyers).  The guy retrieves the ice cream brick from his vault!

He swiftly slices the ice cream brick, wraps a slice of bread around it and hands it to you while waiting for his money.

Nom nom, closeup.  Children aka me would be very attracted to the different colors of the bread and ice cream.  This is taro flavor btw.

I had to have one the next day. Except I decided to be less of a carb pig this time and opted for thin wafers instead of the bread. This is COCONUT ice cream!!! Yummmers

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