Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hi! I have come to revive this dead blog :)

Just a quick post before sleeping (really should've slept 40 minutes ago but oh well)
So I was re-reading my old blog posts and WOW why was I so lame? I really hope I'm not that lame now. I have also come to the realization that I still type somewhat similar t_t not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

It appears that I have not posted about university since the initial ones about my residence :P Well since then, I have lived at UWP for two terms, the Roslin house with Rohinider, Nouha, Holly, Valancia (then Caitlin in Spring) and now this humble abode at Westcourt residences! I really like it here. My room is huge, roommates are quiet and clean, and I'm close to Rohini and Valancia without having to live with their mess hehe! Next term I will be living at one of the apartments on Lester (the new one) so that will be a new experience. I'll need to walk down 5 flights of stairs everyday but at least I will be getting some exercise? And hopefully it will teach me to speed up my getting ready routine because I think taking an hour to get ready is getting too tedious and time consuming. I mean I have added to my makeup routine, but it still shouldn't take that long! :P

Hm in terms of actual is quite hard. Currently in danger of failing a course but, I'm still able to graduate without having to take an extra term! However if I do fail, next term I will have to move one of my courses to retake this one (or at least the closest thing to it since it's not offered anymore) and then take an online course during co-op. It is do-able but since my tuition is SUPER expensive, I would have to be paying around 2k just for my failure...good incentive to study I suppose. *sigh* well goodbye for now. Maybe I'll actually revive this blog and make weekly or bi-weekly posts!

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