Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder review

After making the transition to liquid foundation, I was on a hunt for a great setting/finishing powder and I settled on the Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder.

This translucent, silky finishing powder keeps makeup in place without ever appearing chalky and mattifies skin by removing excess surface oil. This powder can even be used alone as a treatment to reap all the benefits of Amazonian clay.

It is a white powder that goes on translucent and despite the whiteness, I never see any white cast in flash photography. I’ve heard a lot about Tarte and their Amazonian clay products being awesome for oil control and being long lasting so I finally decided to try this. Amazonian Clay: Acts as a total skin balancer by hydrating all skin types, reducing the appearance of dry, flaky skin, improving clarity and texture, and removing surface oil.

Since using this powder, I have noticed that my skin gets oily less quickly and that my foundation lasts for longer. It also makes my skin feel super smooth especially with the Covergirl Outlast foundation I recently started using. It definitely helps keep makeup on for longer and is my go to setting powder (okay it’s pretty much my only powder). I don’t carry it with me on the go so I have never used it for touch ups but I think that this would be a great powder for after that mid-day blotting session.

The packaging is very simple and sleek and is flat topped so you can stack your other products on top if necessary. It dispenses just through a tiny hole in the centre of the lid so it is a bit hard to get out. I find that when I turn it upside down onto the lid and shake the container side to side 2-3 times, I get enough powder. Unfortunately, one of the first few times I did this, the sifter part ended up coming off and a powder exploded everywhere :( I debated exchanging it for another but just ended up super gluing the sifter back on. I’m not sure if it was just mine that was like this, but beware! Make sure to test if the sifter is really stuck in before shaking this container.

I really like this powder and it does not take too much to cover your whole face so I can see it lasting me very long. I purchased this in November and I think I have only used (and lost) less than half of it. I'm going to keep using it until I'm done and am a bit undecided about repurchasing but I think I likely will :) It is sold in 0.32 oz. size at Sephora for $38.


  1. I have always wanted to try some Tarte products but they are have only just landed in England, and i think we only have access to about five products! :)

    1. I heard! I've sampled a few other products but really want to try their blush :)

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  4. I use this powder! It really gives a nice finish!

    Thanks for introducing me to your blog I really like it!


  5. Thanks for commenting! Followed on g+, gfc, & blogvin. Have a great day!


  6. This sounds nice - I use the bare minerals matte as a powder over my foundation but just over my t-zone and seriously I think it's helped my foundation stay better throughout the day. I would love to give this a go though :)

  7. Great review. I have started following you on GFC. Mines .


    - Keyta


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